quartal and secundal harmony

quartal harmony. These are called Quartal Chord Voicings. Quartal and Quintal chords are now common in jazz, rock music and TV and film music. In music, quartal harmony is the building of harmonic structures with a distinct preference for the intervals of the perfect fourth, the augmented fourth and the diminished fourth. I like to look at and use quartal voicings more as a harmonized scale than as actual chords: they are very usable as a solo improvisation device. Although the fourth replaces the third in chords, quartal harmony rarely replaces tertia… That’s a good question! Quartal harmony in Ravel's Sonatine and Ma mre l'oye would follow a few years later. Chords created with secundal harmony This is the way that diatonic Strictly speaking, any structure comprised of seventh notes. Quartal harmony is where you get interesting possibilities, especially if you don't insist on perfect fourths. Also : *modal* drop2 reductions; George Shearing-Style Voicings : Simulated these 5-note chords on the guitar. Put it All Together with a ii – V7 – I Progression in Quartal Harmony. … In music or music theory, secundal is the quality of a chord made from seconds, and anything related to things constructed from seconds such as counterpoint.Secundal chords are often called tone clusters more generally, especially when non-diatonic. Triads. Quartal Harmony: Trichords. Today we continue the discussion on quartal harmony with trichords. The introduction of quartal harmony in modern jazz began in the 1960's. Already long in use by "classical" composers, composers of Film and television scores, and jazz secundal harmony. In the A section we have created a unified relationship between treble and bass within the quartal construct: the motive is distinguished by an ascending perfect fourth while the bass line outlines a perfect fourth ascent. 4-Note Quartal Chords – A String Root constructed from the intervals of (major and minor) thirds. Chapter 8 - Quartal Harmony and Secundal Harmony QUARTAL HARMONY DEMONSTRATED Play Ex. Quartal harmony is created when sonorities (or chords) are built using primarily fourths instead of the typical thirds. Tag: secundal harmony Modal Harmony: An In-Depth How-To Guide / How to write and play with modal harmony? Drop-2 reductions: Taking basic 4-note drop2's and using only the bottom three notes, top three notes and combinations. The French composer Claude Debussy was one of the first composers to use Quartal and Quintal chords regularly. They also work well for accompaniment or for creating vamps. Secundal harmony. A. Ternary Piece using Quartal Harmony In the following example, we have adopted a structure already familiar to us from a previous lesson, the ternary form.. 1. Quartal chords are also easy to play on the guitar due to the fact that the standard guitar tuning is mostly fourths. Building chords in 3rd is now considered old-fashioned and simplistic, while building in 4ths is considered much more sophisticated … In music, quartal harmony is the building of harmonic structures built from the intervals of the perfect fourth, the augmented fourth and the diminished fourth. Quartal Harmony (Chords in Fourths) Quartal Harmony for Guitar Useful chords for modal situations . The fourth, thus, substitutes for the third as used in chords based on major and minor thirds. In music, quartal harmony is the building of chordal and melodic structures with a distinct preference for intervals of fourths . The concept of quartal harmony outlines a formal harmonic structure based on the use of the interval of a perfect fourth to form chords. I think the occasional chord by fourths is useful, and you can stack up several of them in a tonal context. 20th- and 21st-century classical music Composers who use the techniques of quartal harmony include Claude Debussy, Francis Poulenc, Alexander Scriabin, Alban Berg, Leonard Bernstein, Arnold Schoenberg, Igor Stravinsky, and Anton Webern (Herder 1987, 78).

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